Celebrate Friendship With Coffee

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Celebrate friendship with coffee

Celebrate friendship with coffee

Cofee! I heard someone say the name of this teasing. Most welcome! We headed to the correct way to the coffee shop. You know, most of us love the coffee, and it is the right time to have some subtle flavor of coffee after the event Gayo’s meetup. It’s time to shed the fatigue with coffee while having some chit chat with friends steemit. Earth Aceh coffee shop welcomed us. We climbed to the second floor as we think, it’s a convenient place to share our meeting time Upstair. It’s been a normal situation we have after the meetup.

Can You imagine how happy we were, mixing with each other is a good opportunity to have. Of course, everyone may have a different way to celebrate together, it doesn’t matter as long as we can take something good from this informal meetup. The difference is rather dilonggarkan by a cup of coffee, soon I believe, reduced coffee is strained. Wakakak. No! We have no feeling of temperamental, bad mood. We came with joy that evoke the power of friendship. Every SIP is followed by happiness, share, and exchange experiences that happened during the time of coffee. We are all good.

I’m sure your mouth is already watered. Don’t be! You can have it anytime you like with your friends. Obviously, the timing of coffee have lots of stories to be told. One can be a listener and speaker, both of us can turn any story for coffeing. It’s free to talk about your personal life, but we mostly come with the steemit community. It’s always good to share as long as we have a coffee. That’s why, meetup is usually held in a coffee shop.

Let’s go back to coffee and friendship. I can feel the sincerity of the soul is placed in them, as a basis for upholding the values of friendship, I could tell from their faces. The display appears pale, all I can see joy arises from their inner as if they met each other for quite a long time. I couldn’t believe it, they themselves engaged in conversation with soft. I love this moment where I met new people from different backgrounds, uniting in one word’s “community.” from here, we share love and happiness to you all.

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ada manfaatnya…

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