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It is a platform used to manage Humancoın global and non-centralized, cumulative scores and loyalty programmes. When numerous loyalty programs were examined from different points, the developer couldn’t find a good practice. This is not a successful implementation of loyalty programmes, and the responsibility of the company is increased, as well as direct damage to the user.

Let’s see how the project represents value for such a system and how it differentiates from the project block platform, similar to the integration of points blocks. Change your tokens for all users ‘ points or miles from the Humanco’s affiliate program, Humancos, or vice versa. User to purchase products in the Humancoın affiliate program. Affiliate programs will benefit from more opportunities provided by marketing, promotion and shopping.

It is a loyalty program that is implemented with weak and increasing obligations against the company as a result of using blocks and too many loyalty programs to solve problems related to direct harm to the user of Humancoin. Humancoın integrates the points of the Humancoin TOKEN sales and loyalty program to the user. The cheapest with maximum security. In addition to reliability and low transaction costs, Humanco’s uses block-circuit technology to eliminate the agent, providing more meaningful results to users and partners.

Points and Miller are mainly used in our economic activities. According to the poll, two-thirds of average Americans use a scoring system from 29 different companies. For example, when you fly on an airplane for business trips, use online stores or credit cards that are collected at any time. Typically, these products receive a certain percentage of the purchase amount when we purchase goods and services. For a customer, points will lower the price of goods, allowing them to use cash points in the future to buy goods and services. They can wait for business to increase customer loyalty and encourage customers to focus on their services.

The user can easily integrate and manage Humancoın icons Humancoın and them in the wallet to every company in the world. Humanco’s users can also easily change their glasses for tokens Humancoın or a token. Humancoın also includes an ad channel in the bag, which allows humancoin to users or business partners to provide advertising partners or coupons in real time. This partnership Humancoın attract more customers and introduce more loyalty program. In addition, the store Humancoın users can purchase goods or services from a partnership.

Every company we meet starts a loyalty program using the points. The market for these goods is costing billions of dollars and is growing by 6% annually. However, there are many jobs around the world because it means that there are many different account types. In despair, it is difficult to manage and use the customer’s glasses. Even for the job, unused points cause loyalty programs to be lower than expected and adversely affect their debts. It is a decentralisation decision based on locks that solve the problem of Humanco’s loyalty program and are solved by using glasses. Basic features of Humancoın wallet, exchange, Humancoın feed and store presentation. Humancoın

The project is the decision of the block decentralization that solves the problem of Humanco’s loyalty program that uses points. Key Features Humancoın bag Humancoın bag, exchange rate, Humancoın feed presentation and store. Humancoın

The token is designed as a token compatible with ERC20 on the Humanco’s Ethereum platform and leverages the locking technology. Target Mass Humancoın-an airline company, a travel agent, a market leader and also online stores worldwide. With such advantages, Humanco’s will have a billion dollars in the global marketplace, based on advanced, safe and effective locking technology.


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What problems does the project solve?

There are problems described below. Increase in Company’s obligations: unused points are registered as obligations. Due to reduced demand for customer points and reduced demand, the company’s obligations are gaining more importance and have a negative impact on their financial assessments. Low Performance loyalty Program: Due to the use of these low scores, the company cannot achieve the performance of the loyalty program as expected. How to determine social costs for low efficiency, customer and business.

The complexity of the checkpoints: the average 29 programmes are recorded, different, so it is difficult to control the points and causes the glasses to expire. Profits will be provided by this platform. The Platform chair can be used by both users and companies. Users score points for Humancoın TOKEN sales or use your points in Shop Point. Users can access the promotion through ad channels to access advertisements from their respective companies.

Humancoın Wallet allows you to manage and integrate multiple partners at the same time. The company has access to more customers, which allows them to quickly sell their products at the pointer. Exchange Models Humancoın help companies effectively reduce their liabilities. Partners can encourage greater loyalty to potential customers by using feed and storage assignments. Humancoın

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