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We started a new article to talk to you about ETHEREUM Limited (, a new project that will start its pre-sales in just 75 days, so now is the time to inform you about this project and if you are interested, We will tell you how to invest.

The first thing we have to say as a step up to the review of ETHEREUM Limited (, is one of the most common issues in this world, and it’s nothing but a token or a currency, where and how can I store coins? Well, in the case of ETHEREUM Limited (, we have a project that works with a ERC20 token, which is, ETHEREUM Limited ( is a project that will run on the ETHEREUM network, so it would benefit from own merits of Ethereum, namely: High security and speed, decentralization, anonymity and greater stability.

As well as all erc20 markers, if in the end you decide to invest in this ICO (remember to see the project, and if you decide, go ahead), the chips you acquire, you can conveniently store in the world-famous ERC20 scholarships; For example, more than a normal myetherwallet or masking.

Speaking now of ETHEREUM Limited (, we are confronted with a coherent project that will help people who do not know the programming or blockchain to create smart contracts that will apply to real life. But for those who do not know what we are talking about, the first thing we need to explain is that it is an intellectual contract, an intellectual contract is nothing more than a computer protocol designed to facilitate, verify or execute Negotiation or contractual compliance numerically. Contract. Smart contracts allow reliable transactions without third parties. These transactions are Proslezhivaemymi and irreversible. Intelligent contracts are characterized by the fact that many types of contractual provisions may be partially or fully enforceable, execution or both. The purpose of intellectual contracts is to ensure superior security for traditional contractual law and to reduce other transaction costs associated with contracting. Several Kriptovariantov have already implemented the types of intelligent contracts, among which the most well-known is Ethereum, which makes ERC20 tokens appear.


The use of smart contracts will be as diversified as possible:

  • Insurance companies insurance companies instead of waiting until people submit their claims, can start the process through their smart contract.
  • Copyright. Books, songs, movies, documentaries or anything that may have copyright can use intellectual contracts. No need to manually control the sale of books or songs, the intellectual contract controls everything and calculates how much is allowed by each co-author.
  • Exchanges. After the intellectual contract receives both FITA or Krypton for Exchange, it will continue to perform the next action included in the contract.
  • Paquetería. Tracking cargo containers would be a lot easier with smart contracts that control the location of a ship, train, or aircraft. Since they are computerized, intellectual contracts can provide the last known location of the cargo container every hour or every minute without human intervention.
    Employment. Smart contracts can record the exact number of hours an employee is working to properly track performance, as well as to raise wages.
  • Mortgage. Mortgage loan-a very complicated process and requires a large number of documents to fill and sign. A smart contract can make the whole process easier, simpler and cheaper for both parties.
  • Logistics and supply chain. Supply chain management is related to the flow of goods from raw materials into a finished product such as car production. A smart contract can control who is responsible for a given amount of raw materials, the processing time and other things needed to track the performance and efficiency of the entire production process.
  • Other. There are even more applications for smart contracts that are not mentioned here and many others in the future.

What ultimately offers ETHEREUM LIMITED ( is what covers the clear need of society in intellectual contracts, because what prevents the mass acceptance of intellectual contracts is the lack of skills Programming. And not everyone knows how to write an intellectual contract, because it requires extensive knowledge of programming.

ETHEREUM LIMITED ( is a platform that is located in a chain of ETHEREUM blocks. It is an intelligent platform for creating and executing contracts. Users can create their own smart contracts by answering some questions about bot.

If the template is not available on the ETHEREUM LIMITED platform (, users can go to the platform marketplace and look for templates that other users sell, and may even ask other users to create an intelligent A contract specifically designed for your needs, for a fee you agree to. On the other hand, smart contract authors can make money on sale or create individual smart contracts.

The platform will require payment to create and execute your smart contract. However Testnet would be free for all. Both the platform and the market will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and ethlimited with a 50% discount.

No doubt a very successful project that also has no competitors in its field, since the idea is very new.

If you want to learn more about this project and want to familiarize yourself with its technical characteristics and other data of interest, we can only recommend you to read its detailed and detailed document, with the help of which you can Get an idea of the scale of the project and the potential for its expansion and application. Here is a link to your white paper:

So I can only encourage you to join your ICO, if you liked your project, you have 40 days left.
As more interesting data of its ICO, we can say that: Token Standard: ERC-20 token name: ETHL Maximum number of tokens: 10 000 000 open sale: 6 000 000 (30% Kroudsale Bonuses) Price: 1 NTV = 0.5 USD

Finally, remember that this is a social networking project, thanks to which you can always be aware of. In addition, if you have doubts, do not wait and do not contact them, they will gladly answer you.

Web page:
Technical Documentation:
Instagram: https://www.instagram. COM/ethereumlimited/

Profile BTT:;u=1704669

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