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yappadappadoo is the first and currently only the app store for the web application that is progressive. It is estimated that the worldwide app revenue will grow about 180 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. For selfish reasons, the Apple App Store and Google Play Store fear their cash cow kill PWAs. They don’t offer this revolutionary application – and will continue to do So as long as possible.

Yappadappadoo is Blockchain connected App Store, bringing progressive Web applications (PWAs) for each mobile gadgets around the world. By joining upsides two young, future-proofed innovation, Blockchain and PWAs, yappadappadoo will organize itself as well as the David against Goliath ruled the market app store of Apple and Google will reach an important part of the industry as a whole. Yappadappadoo is the first and foremost progressive web app store for apps right now. It can be estimated that the worldwide app revenue will develop approximately 180 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. For reasons of narrow minded, the Apple App Store and Google Play Store fear PWAs dairy animals killed for their money.

App (R) evolution: freedom at last!

Yappadappadoo store is Blockchain related ecosystems, bringing progressive Web App (PWA) for all mobile devices around the world. By combining the advantages of both the young future Proofed technology, Blockchain and Web applications that are progressive, yappadappadoo will make himself as David against Goliath dominated the market app stores Apple and Google and will reach the share significant market. Until now, apl has been a prisoner in their own separate ecosystems. Now the app world is making a long-awaited break for freedom. A new generation of applications will be NeXTMail market app: progressive Web App (PWA).

Key features of the PWA:

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  • Multi Platform: Independent individual devices and operating systems.
  • No download. There is no installation. There is no update.
  • Lightning fast.
  • Smart enough to work offline.
  • On average, less than 1% of the original size of the application.

Progressive Web applications is a blessing for the growth markets such as India, China and
Africa, where most of the users only can benefit the poor network coverage and lower quality
hardware. India, for example, has 20% of all mobile phone users worldwide. However, 99%
cover networking, Age in India is still based on 3 g.

Business Model

yappadappadoo addresses a gigantic market potential of 4.5 billion customers. Our
business model extends and supersedes the successful model of traditional App Stores.
yappadappadoo participates in the monetizing of Apps and App-Content at a rate of just
15% – while the Big Players charge 30%.


We provide the first, simple, Blockchain-based central reservoir for distribution and monetizing of Non-Native, Multi-Platform Apps. Payment currency is the yappadappadoo token, the Clam (CLA).


The Freemium App-Model is becoming ever more popular. The Apps themselves are free and open the gateway to monetization through In-App-Sales of specific features, additional content, merchandise or Ad-Blocking features.


Free-Apps can be supported by additional advertising revenue, opening the Apps to users who are not willing to pay for App use. Furthermore, App-developers can offer Ad-Free versions for a small charge


Hosting-Fees can be used to eliminate Paywalls and Advertising at the discretion of the App-Developer. Targeted marketing campaigns for App distribution and re-activation generate further revenue streams.

Market Share

yappadappadoo will become the no. 3 app store in the world! We estimate is that we will
achieve a market share of 10% by 2022, thereby generating Revenue of USD 18.8 billion,
Gross Profit of USD 2.07 billion and Net Profit of USD 568 million.

ICO and the distribution of funds

To make a payment Token yappadappadoo, ITC GmbH, a limited company, Switzerland will hold a sale of Tokens. yappadappadoo will use the proceeds from this sale to achieve the goals set out in the white paper yappadappadoo.

yappadappadoo Token: koreknya (FLI)

Yappadappadoo TOKEN payments are known as koreknya (FLI). This is the ERC20-compatible Token presented by the yappadappadoo contract Smart Token. Yappadappadoo Token is created to give you the possibility to pay for goods, software, content, and services (non-exhaustive list) on a yappadappadoo platform and App Store.

yappadappadoo sold a crowd of Token (FLI)

Sales crowd allows anyone to buy a token yappadappadoo will occur in the second quarter of the year 2018 (June 2018). The number of yappadappadoo made a token at the time this would be 500 million koreknya (FLI). The number of signs that are available during the sale of the crowd will be 275 million koreknya (FLI).

Token allocation

Upon the conclusion of the sale of the crowd, yappadappadoo koreknya will be allocated as follows and will establish a number of koreknya in yappadappadoo ecosystems:

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fund distribution yappadappadoo


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roadmap yappadappadoo


team yappadappadoo


Website: https://yappadappadoo.com
Ico Site : https://yappadappadoo.io/index.html
Whitepaper : https://yappadappadoo.com/whitepaper_en.pdf
ANN  : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4236389.0
Telegram: https://t.me/yappadappadoochat
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yappadappadoo.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yappadappadoo

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