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The world is taking the crypto money in a strong way. According to Coinmarketcap, capitalization for crypto money on April 11, 2017 is 28,112,800,000 USD. As of 11 April this year, this figure is USD 270,671,000,000. In spite of the active increase of this indicator and a decline in the early 2018, it is clear that, in general, the crypto benefit capitalation has grown for a long time.

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User involvement can be estimated with the number of wallets. According to the statistics of the University of Cambridge in 2017, according to data from the year 2016, 5.8 -11,500, 000 wallets and a total of 35 million figures, which were considered “active”, increased by 4 times the number of 2013 years.

This growth is supported by the laws of many countries that begin to draw an analogy between Fiat and the crypto currency. For the previous 2017, the crypto was regarded as a legitimate payment instrument as an instrument of law or as a “personal currency ” in more than one country: Japan, Singapore, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Estonia, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Georgia, Armenia, etc., means that this field will not do anything but develop in the future.

The platform of the First cryptocurrency licensed Bank will be able to offer customers the following operations with cryptocurrency as follows: A fully licensed bank with the benefits of money accumulation in Fiat and a crypto money on individual accounts, instant money The possibility of making transfers, paying for cards and direct purchases from your bank account.

Zodiaq currently owns the host bank, has a license to open the account and provides any transaction (account management, transaction) and its own crypto currency exchange in both the crypto and fiat currencies.
Zodiaq plans to perform its own flexible platform based on open APIs and resolve its solutions in the context of compatibility with the home bank.
The purpose of this process-to provide ready-made solutions for other banking sector players that will require minimal resources, the high-tech companies have become an independent link in the daily operations of the Zodiaq customers and develop They create their own infrastructure solutions without the need. Since the beginning. Using blockchain technology at the heart of the system will improve the reliability of the service. The central unmanaged function of this technology is therefore not subject to the cost and conditions of the transaction.

Zodiaq’s strategic goal is to establish a new financial infrastructure that will replace the classic bank as a management service for the implementation of transactions between the opposing parties.

Due to the large-scale infrastructure relationship with numerous financial services and the formation of its own foreign exchange reserves, the post-trade consumer processing service will be launched in the main business unit of the Zodiaq system. This mechanism will perform instant cash transfers in Zod local currency for the counter liability between users and companies for goods, financial instruments and services sold and sold between users and companies, in the ecosystem contour The opening will be based on

System products

Phase one. Current state of the system

The classical bank ecosystem is the first phase of our project applications. In this version, all operational accounting will be implemented in a typical centralized banking information system (BIS). Currently, each bank user’s personal account ensures that the following general operations are logged and performed:
  • Creating an account in fiat currency: USD and EUR
  • Create wallet: BTC and ETH
  • Transfers of money between users (P2P)
  • Crypto money transfers between users (P2P)
  • P2P Crypto-Fiat exchange between users
  • Crypto-currency trading for users
  • Loan and debt Fiat currency
  • Crypto Credit and borrowing
Currently, bank users have the opportunity to record and perform the following common actions:
  • account creation in USD and EUR
  • Create a wallet: BTC and ETH
  • Money transfer between users (P2P)
  • Crypto money transfer between users (P2P) • P2P Crypto-Fiat exchange between users.
  • Purchase and sale of the crypto currency.
  • Fiat deposits and withdrawals.
  • Crypto deposits and withdrawals
Phase 2. API Connection Platform

API Connection Platform

At the next stage of the project, Zodıaq, following the conditions of the EU second payment Directive (PSD2), will bring together representatives of the banking sector. The two main tools of the new platform: payment service Initiation Provider (PISP) and accounting information service provider (AISP) will be developed and promoted. The service functions of the APIs are as follows:

  • Receiving, approving and transferring orders for funds transfer;
  • To analyze the data and give information about the customer’s personal finances, suggestions for more effective savings management, etc.
  • To provide information to third parties (for example, to assess the borrower’s payment strength).

Zodıaq will be one of the first in the world to perform operational tests of PSD2 ‘s formal provisions and introduce new protocols, using the services of its own banking services which are to be developed actively at this stage.

Phase 3. Platform Blockchain Payment

Platform Blockchain Payment

The world banking system and especially the Zodıaq team explored this option. At this stage of the application, the core of the bank becomes digital and becomes online. The banks are out of control. As a result, any payment tool begins to communicate with each other. Blockchain platforms, banks and payment services may be examples of such agencies. At this stage, everything around a non-centralized block chain platform is transformed into an API channel. The core of the bank is a tool for integration with any kind of payment instrument. In addition, both individuals and legal entities can be platform customers. In this application process, block payment platforms can completely change the swıft. However, it is clear that swıft will remain the biggest player in the financial markets for a long time.

System components

It’s like your special card. Easy and convenient-you can pay at any place and withdraw money with an ATM.
You can choose whether your card works with your money from a Fiat or crypto account.
Easily transferred between moble or Web application.

Smart Domet
It serves as a cool wallet for storing cryptocurrency securely and conveniently. Contactless NFS payments.
Connect your third-party debit card.
Accept payments, such as Fiat and cryptocurrency transfers, between POS terminals or gadgets, including NFS.
This smart wallet comes with an e-ink, WiFi, Bloethooth and GSM module and can be connected to your PC or Mac via USB.
The function prototype already exists.

Cryptoprice Bank
Our fully licensed and legal bank is located at the heart of our ecosystem. offers the following services:
~ Bank account both Fiat and Cryprocurrency
~ Fiat and Cryprocurrency deposits
~ Instant money Transfer
All other traditional bank services
Visa/Master card with BTC and other crypto currencies as the card balance

Currency exchange
~ Intuitive and multi-functional trading terminal
~ All the major technical analysis options
~ Various Financial Instruments
~ Instant deposits and withdrawal options include the ZODIAC debit cards
To avoid significant changes in any couple, 10 main crypto currencies are protected by index trading

A-based management system. Our artificial intelligence system uses great data analysis and deep machine learning. There are successful strategies and scenarios to create various investment options in cryptocurrency and related markets. For now, the trading algorithm has been tested on the POLONIEX stock Exchange and has made more than 100% of the profits for the first 20 days.

Payment system
Similar to your private debit card. Easy and convenient-you can pay at any place and withdraw money with an ATM.
You can choose whether your card works with your money from a Fiat or crypto account.
Easily transferred between moble or Web application.

Platform Block Payment
The blockchain platform serves to propagate the platform instead of developing the services from scratch APIs. Services provided by our Blockchain platform:
ensure card balance;
Provide payment;
Securing the payment.

This will be the first decisive solution to allow the bank to accept the crypto currency in its normal cycle.
Using open APIs as a multifunctional cloud infrastructure infrastructure of the ZODIAQ ecosystem:

Zodıaq, banks, goods and service vendors, consumers, fintech companies and regulators, the main point of contact in daily transactions, creating an interconnected ecosystem that creates a flexible, the use of blockchain technology, Open APIs are trying to create platforms.

Using our platform, users can process almost instantaneously and create their own end-to-end applications without creating the infrastructure, integrating legislation, and painting interactions with payment services in every new country and every new bank They will be able to configure the services. Since the platform already has technology and legal integration, this platform can connect new players in a cheaper and faster way.

Zodıaq is an increasing security that introduces strong customer authentication (SCA) with online access to accounts, transfers electronic transfer orders, and provides specific security requirements for the channels used to transmit user data Determine the requirements.
With the Open API interface, the ZODIAQ platform allows you to exchange data with external information systems and provide them with a range of ready-made services.


First Money Quote

Name: Zodiaq
Ticker: Zod
Quantity emitted from tokens: 300 000 000 pcs
Initial token fee: 1 Zod = 0.1 US Dollar
Standard Coin: ERC20
Hard stamp: 104,719,000 dollars.
Soft hat: 1.5 million dollars.
Undistributed tokens are destroyed by smart contracts.





Takeover of a trust fund (financial institution) Nordic Heritage Trust
February 2017
Get swıft, FATCA, AML for trust funds
April 2017
Opening an account with Wells Fargo Bank
May 2017
Starting from the development of the banking platform
July 2017
Starting from the bank in the document
September 2017
Get a bank license
December 2017
Beginning of change platform development
February 2017
Initial development of the passive elements of Hedge fund Management (acquisition/retention), interface development, large data collection of price data and key indicators
August 2017
The experiment of the trading algorithm
December 2017-January 2018
Getting FATCA/Food for the bank
January 2018
Get swıft for Bank
February 2018
Start testing the MVP banking platform
February 2018
Account opening in the crypto currency
April 2018
Opening an account in Fiat currency
May 2018
P2P Transfer
May 2018
P2P Exchange with Escrow
May 2018
Visa/MasterCard Card
October 2018
The loan is secured with a crypto currency
December 2018
Mobile Banking applications
December 2018
Test the start of change
January 2018
Transferring from a change to a server run
September 2018
Obtained license for Hedge Fund
October 2018
Start with Hedge funds
October 2018
Payment system
Multi-Crypto currency account
February-March 2018
Payment of NFC and POS terminals
Q1 2019
Trade margin
Q4 2019
Payment system
Self-processing services
Q2 2019
Crypto currency receiver
Q2 2019
Open API
Q4 2019

Oliver Kempkens: CEO
Aleksandr Gorbov: CVO, co-founder
Pavel Dmitriev: CMO, founding partner
Erik Shekhmametev: COO, co-founder
Vyacheslav Grachev: CTO
Ilya Churakov: Marketing strategy Consultant

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