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Hello world! Today we will discuss a very interesting ICO project. A platform where you can easily buy and sell goods, services for cryptocurrency in one place. Let’s look at more details!

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flogmall is an innovative platform uniting sellers and buyers all over the world. Thanks flogmall any person can easily buy, liked him goods through this site, for any cryptocurrency. Just imagine, you can travel, rent an apartment, rent a car and a lot of things, with all this without the participation of fiat money. The format of the live unique site Flogmall will allow the buyer to see the seller even on the other side of the planet. Buy and sell the goods you liked, bypassing the commissions of payment systems and banks.

  • The distinctive feature of the Flogmall platform is the approach, in which there is no mediation of retailers and wholesalers, which undoubtedly allows to provide customers with products and services at very low prices. Another interesting fact of this site is that buyers themselves determine in which product or service they need, without imposing products on retail chains.
  • Sellers, working with Flogmall are no longer obligated to invest money marketing, which allows to reduce the price of goods for the buyer. On this platform it is possible to create without efforts and problems full-fledged marketing programs for promotion and motvacii of clients.

What is interesting flogmall for sellers:

  • Access to customers around the world.
  • Considerable savings on commissions of payment systems.
  • Own shop on the finished platform.
  • Ample opportunity to advance through bloggers.
  • Access to a new, growing audience of token holders with high solvency.
  • Equal opportunities for all types of sellers at the initial stage of placement on the resource Flogmall
  • Free playground with minimal tariffs for additional services.

💣chem is interesting flogmall for clients:

  • Exchange of tokens for goods and services of mass consumption.
  • A unique video platform with live shops.
  • Honest information about each salesperson.
  • Secure purchases using a smart contract.
  • Cashback and discounts for internal cryptocurrency
  • And probably the most important thing-you can make payment for any Altkoiny

💣chem is interesting flogmall for manners or holders of cryptocurrency:

  • Just imagine that you have the opportunity to buy and sell goods for more than 1800 different Altkoinov (including those purchased on other ICO). So now you don’t have to wait a few months for your tokens to Zalistilis on the stock exchange. Just visit flogmall
  • By exchanging goods and services on tokens, will stimulate the growth of most Altkoinov

💣chem interesting flogmall for ICO participants:

  • Already scheduled listing of Mallcoin token on all known exchanges
  • Uchatsnikam ICO will be granted discounts up to 80% on the goods and services of the site
  • Possible after project launch with ATES (Automatic token Exchange service)

tehnologii Blockchain

The Flogmall team has developed this platform to work with the use of blockchain technology as a basis for development. Because blockchain offers fast and secure online transactions, and supports all types of data and cryptocurrency. The blockchain technology uses a system where each transaction is recorded and cannot be changed forever, so transactions can be maintained and reduce the likelihood of data fraud. Blockchain is inherently resistant to data modification. Using Blockchain for transactions, open transparent and fair markets, democracy cost sharing and narrowing the relationship between advertisers, network providers and customers.

uslovija of the ICO

Immediately want to say that the Pre-sale stage has been successfully completed with the following results:


Start 22.02.2018 and will last until 08.03.2018 year
Token price-1 ETH = 3000 MLC
Minimum Threshold-$20
Hard cap-5 000 000 $
Soft Cap-2 500 000 $
The Pre-ICO will be held on the Flogmall platform and on the Kraudfandingovoj platform.
Register now and get bonus + 3% when you purchase MLC tokens while holding Pre-ICO ⚡ want to get a bonus ⚡
bonusy 1-3 Day:
From 100 ETH-25% Bonus
From 10 to 100 ETH-22.5% Bonus
5 to 10 ETH-20% Bonus
💣bonusy 4-8 Day:
From 100 ETH-20% Bonus
From 10 to 100 ETH-17.5% Bonus
5 to 10 ETH-15% Bonus
💣bonusy 9-12 Day:
From 100 ETH-10% Bonus
From 10 to 100 ETH-7.5% Bonus
5 to 10 ETH-5% Bonus
Start 22.03.2018 and will last until 12.04.2018 year
Token price-1 ETH = 2000 MLC
Hard cap-18 000 000 $
Soft cap-5 000 000 $
ICO will be held on the platform Flogmall
💣bonusy 1-4 Day:
From 100 ETH-25% Bonus
From 10 to 100 ETH-22.5% Bonus
5 to 10 ETH-20% Bonus
💣bonus 5-13 Day:
From 100 ETH-20% Bonus
From 10 to 100 ETH-17.5% Bonus
5 to 10 ETH-15% Bonus
💣bonus 14-19 Day:
From 100 ETH-10% Bonus
From 10 to 100 ETH-7.5% Bonus
5 to 10 ETH-5% Bonus
🚀raspredelenie tokens Mallcoin (MLC) and their emission:
Total will be issued 250 000 000 tokens
Flogmall team-8%

roadmap flogmall


After reading this blog, you will surely have questions. Be sure to ask them in the official sources of Flogmall:

📘 Website 
📘 Telegram 
📘 Facebook 
📘 Twitter 
📘 Whitepaper 
📘 Ann 

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